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  • How many Nappies will I need?
  • You need 6-8 nappies per day, so you multiply this by the number of days you want between doing the washing, and add another day‘s worth to allow for drying times.

    Days between washing Nappies needed
    1 12-16
    2 18-24
    3 24-32
    4 30-40

    Some other tips:

    • If you are using fitted or flat nappies with covers, you need 1 PUL cover to every 4-5 nappies, and we always recommend 1 or preferably 2 fleece covers for overnight.
    • If you are using pocket nappies, you do not need to allow the extra for drying time as they dry in minutes, but you should get an extra day worth of inserts. Eg: washing every 3 days, you need 18-24 nappies and 24-32 inserts.
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