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  • How should I wash the nappies?
  • We recommend 鈥渄ry-pailing鈥?the nappies and covers and washing every 2 days. Solids are removed from soiled nappies and disposed of in the toilet and the used nappies put into a dry bucket with a secure lid. Nappies may be rinsed in the evening if not washed. Nappies can be washed in hot or cold water with a regular amount of regular detergent. A pre-rinse can be run if desired. Other cotton whites (e.g. bath towels, underwear) can be safely washed with the nappies. We recommend line drying, but the nappies and covers can be tumble dried. We do not recommend the use of bleach (including Napisan) on our nappies and definitely not on the covers as they will reduce the life of the nappies and ruin the waterproofing of the covers.
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