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    Mob: 0439 868 968

    Address: shop 119 /  45 Gilby road, Mt waverley, Victoria. 





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  • About Us

    Our business is growing fast! We have moved to a new warehouse in Mt Waverley, victoria. Please come to visit us and have a look, feel and try the nappies.  

    we are here to increase the awareness of the benefits of modern cloth nappies, to provide comprehensive information on modern cloth nappy choices, to help parents make informed choices about which modern cloth nappies to buy, also to provide an online store with a huge selection of modern cloth nappies and related accessories.

    Our Business grows rapidly since 2008. We have so many great brands for you to choose from. Baby Beehinds, Bumgenius, Itti Bitti, Mother -ease, Bummis, Natures Child...,  Also, We always provide great customer service, easy used on-line store, lay-By system, Showroom...



    I have always been very conscious of looking after our environment, So when I was expecting my first child, I stared looking into cloth nappies. I discovered that I couldn‘t decide what to buy since there were so many brands and there weren‘t enough information or too much information to make me confused. So I have purchased a few nappies  on-line,  some of them were lovely and some were really bad. I was quite dispointed. Then I decide to have a website that can increase the awareness of the benifits and with comprehensive information on mordern cloth nappy to help parents to make right choices.  So Happybubs was born.



    Born 30th December 2008, and been in modern cloth nappies the whole time. You can see photos of me throughout happybubs website. I am a happy bub and  also a litte tester. I have tested so many different cloth nappies, so mum and dad can be sure what nappies are really good ones to keep in our store.



    Wife to Joe and mum to Olivia. I have offered great support to Joe. You will see me in the showroom all the time with olivia running around. Also, more important, I am  the cook and cleaner for Joe and Olivia.



     Aiden, boy, born on 15/01/2011. He is the boss of family! 



    Our new addition! she is so adorable! 

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