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Packet of 6
Natures Child Organic Cotton Terry Toweling Square Nappies
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    Natures Child
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Organic Cotton Luxury Toweling Square Nappies




We are proud to offer you an organic cotton basic nappy.  The most affordable, cost effective organic cotton nappy on the market. This is your basic nappy model to fold and pin. Easy to use once you are shown and by far the bargain way to use organic cotton nappies for your baby. You will always find these nappies handy for many uses other than nappies as well!




There are been so much bad press in the past 10 years about ‘how hard‘square cloth nappies are. Find out for yourself, it’s not true! It’s fun, easy, cost effective and healthy.




A 2006 Study in Victoria revealed that folding nappies only takes an extra 5 mins a day! So give it a try and save a small fortune while using the best fabric possible against your baby‘s skin.




Even if you don‘t wish to fold nappies, these cloths will come in VERY handy for all sorts of mess wipe ups.











One size fits all




Best priced organic nappy for parents




Quick drying




They absorb fast




Most nappy cover designs will fit over this nappy.




They are practical and handy for everything baby!








60 x 60cm square




We recommend 4 packets for parents wanting to use this as their full time nappy.











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