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Flushable Nappy Liners- excellent for day-to-day, out and about or daycare. The can be cut in half to make the pack last longer too- excellent economy that way!
Eenee Flushable Nappy Liners (Bulk Roll)
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Flushable liners are super handy little inventions. If the thought of dealing with baby poo kinda makes you feel a bit bleugh, then you‘ll you‘ll love these. Most handy for once baby has started solid foods, they make clean-ups MUCH easier because all you have to do is simply take the dirty liner and flush it down the toilet! They also help to keep baby‘s skin feeling dry, so can help prevent rash too.












They can be used with cloth nappies and also with disposable nappies. Actually, if you use disposable nappies at any point, we recommend that you use these, because as per the clear instructions on the side of each disposable nappy packet, baby‘s solid waste needs to be flushed down the toilet, rather than put in the bin. These liners are fully biodegradable/compostable and are made from regenerated cellulose (natural plant) based material.























This item is a ROLL OF 500 LINERS.























Tip: Cut liners in half to double the economy!












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