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Roll of 50
Eenee Biodegradable Eco Nappy Bags
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New duel use Biodegradable Eenee Nappy Bags provide an environmentally friendly option for disposing the used Weenees disposable pads.  Bags will remain waterproof until placed in the composting environment where they will break down in one compost cycle. Available in rolls of 50. Made from biodegradable corn starch material.

Now our new soft breathable bags have a second use as a Weenees Baby Pouch Protector.  Slip the nappy bag over the pouch before snapping into the Pouch Pants, then just push the pad or nappy into the pouch.  The bag sits between the nappy and pouch to prevent soiling.  If the nappy is not soiled, just replace with a fresh nappy as usual, if the nappy is soiled, then snap out the pouch, with the bag and nappy, then peel the bag off the pouch turning the bag inside out as you go with the soiled nappy inside. This leaves the pouch clean and ready to be used again, while the soiled nappy is secure inside the compostable nappy bag.  Click on the icon under the picture for more information.
Packaged in Australia from Imported Materials..

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